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2008-07-12 01:58:31 by SuperMusic

So I guess i'll be submitting both live/recorded and synthetic music on here. I hope you guys find something that you enjoy. I don't really expect much out of this site (the truth hurts) but it's a good place to post my music and get a few decent reviews. If you guys ever want me to check out some of your stuff just tell me and i'll be glad too. Hope to see you in the AF or hear you in the AP. =)


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2008-07-12 02:00:47

goodluck man

SuperMusic responds:

quick reply :o I guess NG has changed a bit since I was last part of the community... but it's more likely that this was added to some "most recently added list" right? =P

Well anyway's thanks for the kind words... my new song should be uploaded within a week or 2 days or something... I don't really know how long it takes the audio mods to check audio nowadays.


2008-07-15 21:22:44

nice, dude, i might sound puchy but...
alot of assholes hate me around here, and they wont do this one simple thing, vote on a news post poll, can u?, i wish u good luck, and this place isnt so bad, if i had the software, i would probaly have like fifty games and flash, my birthday is coming up on the 23rd, i might b getting stuff to make flash and shit.

SuperMusic responds:

Cool =) I'm sure less people hate you then you think.

I'd vote on the "news post poll" you are talking about but I don't really know what it is O_O! I didn't even know you could vote on something like that - could you send me the link through a PM?

Thanks =)


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