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2008-07-15 01:07:29 by SuperMusic

So, i've been part of NG for like - 2-3 days now and i'm already working on about 8 projects O_O!!! I'm not really sure who will be reading this and it won't be a very in depth "news blurb" because it's friggin 2:00 or 3:00 or who knows when in the morning!

Anyways, this is what's going on:

1. At least 5 voice acting jobs in flash films and games.
2. Theme music as well as single episode music tracks for a flash comedy series about doritos.
3. Theme music for something that I haven't started yet and can't even remember.
4. Backround music for a (horror?) flash film.
5. And i'm sure theres some other stuff that I can't remember O_O!!!!

Anyways, for those working with me who read this - i'm working my ass off! I promise! So far i've managed to make all deadlines given to me and I plan to keep it that way but don't get angry if I fuck up a bit! O_O

Besides, if anything goes wrong tell me and I will fix it!

Phew, sorry for all of you who had to read this... i'm tired, (drunk?), and excitedly exhausted all at the same time and I need to get to sleep.


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2008-07-15 14:16:35

Well, don't sweat trying to do mine too quickly, you have time..

SuperMusic responds:

Haha - ya I think I may slow down a bit.

I'm excited though. =)


2008-07-15 21:19:19

drunk?... ya right, i wont get angry, and...
holy fuck thats alot of stuff!!!!!!!!!, i was on when u posted this, i was playing tetris and listening to ur music, its good

SuperMusic responds:

Lol, ya it is - I just remembered some stuff today that I forgot off of this list. Plus i'm leaving July 25th so I have to have everything done by then.

Thanks for the listen =)


2008-07-16 20:43:59

where ya leaving? oh ya, finally!, u got the second copy of memories, damn its a heck' lot better than the first, my opinion is to add a little bit then, well look at the diagram, lol...

Meories (DEMO) - Meroies [v2] - Meories [v3] (Final Version)

(Updated ) SuperMusic responds:

Haha - ya that's most likely what it will be....

In the 3rd version I plan on working on the end solo (because i pretty much improvised the last 2 verses of it in [v2]) and improving the overall production of the song. Not too much change - but hopefully the little stuff will make a big difference.

Then in the final version I plan on introducing keyboards (piano and strings?) and possibly some drums.

I'm going to NYC for 2 days and then a 3 week summer sleepaway acting and music camp in New York.


2008-07-16 22:42:18

GET THE FUCK UP!!!!!!, ITS 10:41, lol

SuperMusic responds:



2008-07-16 22:54:18

lol, im grounded from the BBS, goddamn E3 '08 Live is appearently spam!!!!

SuperMusic responds:

Ah, that sucks! For how long?


2008-07-17 01:47:47

lol thats sick NY, i'm actually going there in 2 weeks :P lol and what else oh the theme song about ma doritos sexy stuff i hope lol and... hmm think thats all.. OH heres a question .. about doritos.. ahem.. u know how u made a spicy song?... IF u have time from alllll your work which i doubt u will but if ur ever drunk taken a break then try this lol record a quick sweet and bold version lmao... it it's not 2 much work :) not saying u have to and in fact it's not mandatory because i may not get to even using them til after my week vacation in 2 weeks... but it would be nice t o know i if i get there that their available and... yeah good luck with all your projects lol.. and have fun in NY crazy place there.. and enjoy doin w.e u do at those kinda camps :) ttyl man

SuperMusic responds:

Cool - looks like we are going on VayK around the same time so nothing will be missed =)


But i'm working on it! As soon as I get the theme song done i'll work on the Bold song. I probably do need to get hammered - maybe friday night? =)

As soon as I get it recorded i'll post i up here and send a PM your way ^^


2008-07-17 10:58:52

i ungrounded now (lol) i just had like 3 hours left till i wasnt, when r u going to get the final version of memories done?

SuperMusic responds:

Probably sometime in August... most likely near the end of the month since i'm going on VayK.


2008-07-17 14:49:39

whoawww ok.. i got a asome idear that came to me if your going to do the sweet n bold.... ur also gunna have to do a 5 second spicy... ok heres my idea...


ok ... at the start of song just do a quick quitar thing like 2 seconds and then yell/say sweet or bold for what ever song your doing... and then your going to have to make one for spicy .. no song cuz u alrdy made a spicy song but i mean the quick guitar and then word nothing else :)

this will be used so that when people choose the side of the chip they like in the menu this audio clip will be played depending on their choice :)

this shouldn't be too hard scine it takes very little thought into it like you could just do waht you did at the beginning of spicy that quick thing and then word ... should be done in no time :) lol

OH and finally... i said it was last msg not comment xD hehe but ye i dun now cuz im just givni u more work lolz

SuperMusic responds:

I kind of get what your saying but not really - if you could explain more in depth with a PM i'm sure I could get it done =)...

So am I doing this instead of a theme song or both now? And FYI i'll have the theme song tomorrow night.


2008-07-18 20:43:12

ive been to nyc its awesome, ive been as far up the statue of liberty u can, been to the very top of the esb, i love it

SuperMusic responds:

cool haha