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Fade Away

2008-07-18 22:48:24 by SuperMusic

I've composed a new song and I have the instrumentation and lyrics all down. I may get a buddy to do the vocals for me tomorrow (because I composed them so that they are at the peak of my vocal range) because he can sing higher then me.

On another note: (To szafranko) I'll submit the Doritos song tomorrow in the afternoon/morning.

Anyways, the song is called "Fade Away" and I used a riff and medley that I thought up about 2 years ago and never really completed or put into a song.

I'll try to get this song submitted tomorrow- but I can't promise. I'm still working on Memories [v3] as well as a synthesized version of "Memories" and a bunch of other stuff. Here are the lyrics: (tell me what you think?)

Look out the window and hold your breath,
There's someone coming, let go of yourself.
And don't give in, don't give up, don't forget it's not enough
to just believe, you have to try, you cannot live you cannot die.
And know, that i'm right behind you with a candle flame,
Who's light - will never fade away.

I know you're watching, the clock on the wall.
And holding tightly, because time holds all.
You feel the light caving in, you feel the darkness from within,
You know it's real but it's too late.
Let go of yourself and fade away.
And know, that i'm right behind you with a candle flame,
Who's light - will never fade away.


I know it's hard to imagine them without the song behind the words but think of it as a poem until you get to listen to it =) It's a pretty mellowed out piece.


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2008-07-19 10:06:54


SuperMusic responds:

Ya... so fucking sorry for the massive delay dude... I WILL HAVE IT DONE!!!


2008-07-19 14:48:49

Dude it's ok, i've been workin alot n e ways ... getting cash n shit soo i didn't miss much

SuperMusic responds:

Haha ok - thanks that puts the pressure off. I felt really bad when I didn't get it out last night.

I promise I WILL get it done.


2008-07-19 18:27:40

is it the final version?, i just reviewed it, i love

SuperMusic responds:

Nah, that's why it says (DEMO) xD! Read my responses to my reviews if you have time please.


2008-07-19 18:57:00

i read it, i didnt say anything, lol

SuperMusic responds:

Ah =)