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2008-07-24 16:55:30 by SuperMusic

Anything bold or underlined is very important and may have to deal with specific people who I am working with.

As some of you know, I am going on vacation tomorrow. I will not be available to reach after 9:00 PM EST tonight. I managed to get all the projects that I have been working on done before tonight except one which is the Doritos theme song for szafranko. My deepest apologizes sir. If you decide someone else is better for the job I completely understand but if you want me to still do it I will be happy to and will get it done upon my return.

Below is my cell phone number. I will NOT be available between July 28th - August 4th. You may contact me after or before that ONLY if you have one of the following reasons listed below.

1. You have a project you would like me to be a part of.
2. An update on a project that I have signed up to work on in the future.
3. Results of the MAC8 contest.
4. Your name is szafranko and you would like to speak with me about the Doritos project.

5. Anything involving money or something that you feel is extremely important that I have not listed. It has to be EXTREMELY important - or I will be pissed.

Here is my number: 703-943-9439 (cell)
I do not know the times I will be available but if I do not answer I will call back.

For those of you wondering where I am going - I am going to NYC and then a 3 week sleepaway camp called "Stagedoor Manor". It is a music and theatre camp in New York. Once I return to Virginia I have one day of rest and then I am having an operation. I will not be able to do ANYTHING vocally within the week of my operation so voice acting and singing is OUT until then.

I am gone from July 25th - August 18th. I can work on music and be somewhat active after that (if I am not too tired from the operation) but I CANNOT work on anything vocally until about August 25th.

To be completely honest - I would rather not be disturbed on my cell phone so only call if you really need to AND if you have one of the above reasons. Not one or the other.

The only thing I am quite eager to know about are the MAC8 results - feel free to call me anytime about that on my cellphone. If I miss your call I will return it.

Well, I believe I said it all. I'll miss you guys and i'll be back before you know it. Keep making music, keep making flash, keep voice acting, keep listening to music, keep watching flash, whatever! Keep doing what you guys do! I love you all =)

Thanks for everything,



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2008-07-25 16:56:47

Have fun and dont worry about doritos project thing.. you can work on it when you get back so just enjoy yourself, the reason why it's not priority is well because one i'll be on vacation and unable to work on it even if i had your music, and 2 until vacation i'll be working to get some money so anyways have fun, goood luck on that mac8 contest thing.. and i'll tty when you get back :P

SuperMusic responds:

Thankyou so much for responding. I feel much better now that I know I didn't ruin anything for you... I forgot that I'll be at my Grandmother's from today until Sunday night (I go to camp monday) so I can still remain in touch with you guys until then.


2008-07-26 10:41:33

im back from camp, lol, how nyc?, i love the final versions of fade away and memories.

SuperMusic responds:

I just got back from NYC, now i'm in NJ... and tomorrow morning i'm going to Sheldrake NY for Stagedoor Manor (the camp), I'm glad you like the final versions... hopefully they do well in the MAC =)


2008-07-27 17:11:24

i will call u for mac8 contest, just letting u know, and when someone says, "hello, this is gavin" its me

SuperMusic responds:

Alright - awesome and thanks so so so so so much! I'm practicing accents up here in NJ atm because i'm gunna need to learn them for a future project I have in mind and they are also just good to have under your belt as an actor.

Anyways, do you know how to check up on the MAC8? If not send a PM my way... the thread is in the Audio Forum titled "MAC8" or something... i may be gone when you send me the PM because i'm leaving tomorrow early in the morning so this is the last night I can get online.


2008-07-28 08:14:38

ik, i found it yesterday, i have a link in an an e-mail in my drafts


2008-07-29 05:20:33

Hay ther, i noticed u mentioned accents :P may be useful in doritos thingy, i plan on getting rid of the while arms and legs and just have a bunch of doritos chatting, and interacting with real world and i was thinknig as episodes progress more character are introduced... so if you get good enough accent the maybe i could use u for more then just songs... :)


2008-08-11 13:18:16

yo i'm bak frum my vacation :) was fun


2008-08-16 12:08:57

i lv up today, lol


2008-08-19 11:27:37

hey, dude, srry u were'nt even in the honorable mentions, but.....
nothing, lol, wat do we do when we call u? do we talk to an operator????

SuperMusic responds:

don't worry about it - I'm already back. :)


2008-08-25 17:21:35

I GOT TOWN MATCH, yay!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-08-30 09:59:38

yay, i got l 6!!!!