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Back, Really! (Gravity Storm)

2008-10-13 17:42:27 by SuperMusic

After my collaboration with Cecild (which I reccomend checking out!) I began working on many new projects. My newest submission is "Gravity Storm" which I highly reccomend checking out! Reviews would be awesome! Here are a list of songs that will be coming soon to my MusicalSerenity account.

Apologize (Cover)
Memories (Perfect Version)

I am working on two other musical compositions as well that I am not quiet done with yet. I will sing in all of them but they will go on my other account since they are 100% synthesized music (besides the guitar solo's).

I'm not sure when a new song will be put onto this account because i've been focusing all my efforts into it since I started at Newgrounds.
Thanks for your support guys! Make sure to check out my new song Gravity Storm!


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2008-10-13 21:35:44

why no one leave comments? i mean, you r very cool!

SuperMusic responds:

lol thankyou.


2008-10-14 07:59:54

the very very perfect version?!?!?!?!?!? ABOUT TIME

SuperMusic responds:

Haha - ya. I should have it submitted my this weekend if all goes well.


2008-10-15 15:00:57

HAY ur baack...
now what? lol

SuperMusic responds:

Lol dunno


2008-10-21 17:51:56

well, it didnt go well, lol, cause i dont see it no hard feelings


2008-11-17 20:27:50

Dude remember that project we were discussing? its back on!

SuperMusic responds:

Nice send me a pm about it because I totally forget what it is.