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$00pah NiN10Doh! $00pah NiN10Doh!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was Hilarious. Next step, Pokemon Snap XXX Flashgame lol

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Jack McHavoc Ep1 Jack McHavoc Ep1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Cool

You have pretty good animation and drawing skills even though you get lazy at some points. Here are the things you did best and need to work on:

- Work on your backrounds. They are much too bland.

- When you did the 1st person view that was AWESOME - very cool and very good job... do more of that

- Your hero seems to be able to run foward into oncoming fire... and they are shooting him for like 5-10 secs at least while he's running straight at them without one bullet hitting. Make this more realistic - either show him somehow awesomely dodging the bullets or don't have him run straight into fire. But whatever you do - don't make it so unrealistic that you just show him running into fire and the enemy missing. That's lame.

- You had alot of good ideas to keep the flash interesting. The grenades, the first person view, the alleyway, everything else. Very innovative. Keep doing that.

The one question I have for you is, will there be a plot? Just wondering.

Fallen Angel: Teaser Fallen Angel: Teaser

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Episode 1

For everyone asking about episode 1 - give up.

I used to check his site "" once in a while and he would say it's coming every 6 months or so and it still isn't here. If it ever does come - we won't know when until it does. (That is a horrible statement gramatically)

He definately has been working on it though - he's shown screenshots on his site before he put it on maintence. But don't expect any answers to your questions - he checks nothing nowadays.

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GBT-Just Another Story GBT-Just Another Story

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Please get some voice lessons or a new lead singer... you are NOT singing. Also the music is sooooooooo plain and unoriginal. I'm sitting here thinking "really?"

There is nothing new or exciting about your music. Try to do something cutting edge. I could hear something better in a college dorm talent contest. The guitar is almost not noticeable. It's so emotionless. Is it even a real person? It sounds lifeless.

Same with your bass. What are you playing on.... drive guitars? The drums are sooooo weak too. Your whole band needs to clean everything up and step it up. Everything has already been done. It's a simple beat with simple chords and a simple rhythym. That's set up for failure already.

The only thing that could save you is good lead guitar and singing which is probably even worse. I understand that this all may seem very harsh and unnesecary but by putting your stuff up on NG your opening up to all kinds of criticism.

I'm just brutally honest. I suppose some people like it, but if you ever want to improve or get anywhere with your band take my advice. I guarantee that not many people enjoy this and those who do are either very young or have no musical knowledge or taste whatsoever.

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giftedbuttwisted responds:

And you're just an asshole

Rock the World With You Rock the World With You

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Good beat and a nice rythym. I (as RikuTMW) said can definitely see vocals coming into play in this song. The solo was OK, but I felt like there should have been lead guitar throughout the song to spice it up a bit.

Overall this was really catchy and it was extremely easy to sing along to. One thing I've realized from listening to your music is that your chord progressions are very unpredictable but they are also very repetitive.

The unpredictable factor is extremely nice and unique. It gives your songs a cool vibe and sometimes it even annoys me (haha) because when i'm singing along I hit a note that I think would be in the next chord but I predict the next chord wrongly.

As for repitition - it as fine for this song because it was sort of short and well - it just all fit in quite well. However, I think you should try to switch up some of your future pieces. Alot of your pieces have great melodies and harmonies and great overall arrangements but the chords never change. Just something to keep in mind - make sure you never develop songwriting habits. Make every song it's own gem! I think you do this wonderfully in some aspects (mainly mentally... based on your commentaries you seem to be very analytical and imaginary with your songwriting... this is similar to the way I compose songs and write lyrics so I think we are quite the same in this aspect) and you have the right emotions and good musical intelligence but without any chord changes there is too much of a knowingness to your song.

For example, the harmonies and melodies you lay in are great and sometimes take me by surprise in a wonderful way... however... these are used to decorate the chords! Think of it this way:

The chords in a song are like trees and the harmonies and melodies are like the leaves on trees. You can take a type of tree and showcase it's most beautiful leaves. Perhaps you are showcasing a Maple Leaf tree! You can show off those purple-redish leaves or turn them brown for when it's fall or give them that yellow tint during the spring.

But what if you want a different type of leaf? What if you want suddenly a harsh mystical (feeling) leaf like the needles of an evergreen? You can't do that with a maple leaf tree. You have to change trees - or change chords.

There are many chord progressions and certain chord progressions affect certain parts of our body. (Btw I hope my horrible analogy which I rambled on about was somewhat clear to you)

For example, CsusG to EmsusD to Am to FsusG is a powefuly emotional chord progression that is directed towards longing and has a bitter-sweet feeling to it. Most people who are effected by it usually feel the song through there chest and throat. However, if you suddenly change the chords to:

AmsusG to FsusG to CsusG to G there is a sudden excitement upon the chord change.

It's something new and beautiful and will effect the listener instantly! Why is this? Because the listener will already be wrapped in with the current chord progression and the song thusfar. Then suddenly, if you change it up they become even more attached and a rush of emotion may fill them if done very well.

With new chord progressions new oppurtunities arise. With the latter one there is suddenly a suspended G in all of the chords which gives a constant note in all the chords giving a sense of endlesness.

I know I said alot, I hope you can pick through this and take with you what you want.

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Belit's Gallows Belit's Gallows

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good job

You did a good job achieve everything you said that you wanted in your commentary. Although, to be honest I think this is definately more of an uplifting piece then a depressing one. Great choice of instrumentation - it sort of reminded me of the soundtrack to "Little Miss Sunshine" in the beginning.

Although the guitars were good and they were better then most synthesized guitars - I felt like they had no emotion. This is most likely only me however due to my love for the guitar and my belief that guitars should always be brimming with emotion. I'm sure no one else will have criticism with them =)

Good melodies and chord progressions. Everything flowed quite nicely and had a place to go.

You have some beautiful harmonies happening all throughout the song. If you had lyrics and a powerful voice to sing them I think this song could be very powerful.

Good job, and good luck.

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SWiTCH responds:

Well the theme was "sad" not depressing. I think something can be uplifting and sad at the same time!
Like... A funeral which is a somber occasion, but also a celebration of the persons life.
That's the feeling I get from this song anyway.
Thanks for the critique. :)

Also the guitars weren't synthesized if that's what you meant.