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Back, Really! (Gravity Storm)

2008-10-13 17:42:27 by SuperMusic

After my collaboration with Cecild (which I reccomend checking out!) I began working on many new projects. My newest submission is "Gravity Storm" which I highly reccomend checking out! Reviews would be awesome! Here are a list of songs that will be coming soon to my MusicalSerenity account.

Apologize (Cover)
Memories (Perfect Version)

I am working on two other musical compositions as well that I am not quiet done with yet. I will sing in all of them but they will go on my other account since they are 100% synthesized music (besides the guitar solo's).

I'm not sure when a new song will be put onto this account because i've been focusing all my efforts into it since I started at Newgrounds.
Thanks for your support guys! Make sure to check out my new song Gravity Storm!


2008-10-12 21:41:41 by SuperMusic

Hey everyone, it's been a while since i've logged in but i'm back now. Stagedoor was great, and although I got an infection in my mouth after the oral surgery i'm better now. I plan on submitting some new stuff as soon as possible and hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

Here is a collaboration I did with the artist Cecild. The music is by him and the lyrics and vocals are done by me (including the chorus).

I'd sure he would appreciate (and I would to) if you took the time to review the piece.

It is called Here or There (or Everywhere)

Feel free to post the reviews against this news post so that I may see them too :)... but give them to Cecild too! (I'll check the reviews of the song myself anyways - though I obviously won't be able to reply to them.)

Anyways, keep in tune. Stuff will be coming soon!


In a room full of windows in my mind
Looking into other people's lives

I'm here or there or everywhere
Seeing through other people's eyes
Breaking through man's one disguise
I know that

Every day the sun may rise
The sunset comes to close our eyes
We fall to darkness every night
Alone and...

Even in a room full of windows and light,
I can't seem to grasp another life,
Other than mine.

Even though I'm here or there or everywhere,
Blind through other people's eyes
Captured by man's one disguise
I know that

With a piece of chalk on gravel
Dreams and thoughts and things unravel
The wind and rain and snow don't matter
Here but...

Even in a room full of windows and light,
I'm wrapped up in darkness from outside,
Of my mind.

Even though I'm here or there or everywhere,
I'm really not anywhere
Just making things up in my mind again

What good are these windows
When these walls are here
And there's nothing outside that's visible
To me.

I'll clench my fists and break these windows haunting me,
I'll tear these walls down with my frustration I'll never be

Here or there or everywhere
Seeing through other people's eyes
Breaking through man's one disguise
I'm me forever

Here or there or everywhere
Seeing through other people's eyes
Breaking through man's one disguise
I know... I'll be here.


2008-07-24 16:55:30 by SuperMusic

Anything bold or underlined is very important and may have to deal with specific people who I am working with.

As some of you know, I am going on vacation tomorrow. I will not be available to reach after 9:00 PM EST tonight. I managed to get all the projects that I have been working on done before tonight except one which is the Doritos theme song for szafranko. My deepest apologizes sir. If you decide someone else is better for the job I completely understand but if you want me to still do it I will be happy to and will get it done upon my return.

Below is my cell phone number. I will NOT be available between July 28th - August 4th. You may contact me after or before that ONLY if you have one of the following reasons listed below.

1. You have a project you would like me to be a part of.
2. An update on a project that I have signed up to work on in the future.
3. Results of the MAC8 contest.
4. Your name is szafranko and you would like to speak with me about the Doritos project.

5. Anything involving money or something that you feel is extremely important that I have not listed. It has to be EXTREMELY important - or I will be pissed.

Here is my number: 703-943-9439 (cell)
I do not know the times I will be available but if I do not answer I will call back.

For those of you wondering where I am going - I am going to NYC and then a 3 week sleepaway camp called "Stagedoor Manor". It is a music and theatre camp in New York. Once I return to Virginia I have one day of rest and then I am having an operation. I will not be able to do ANYTHING vocally within the week of my operation so voice acting and singing is OUT until then.

I am gone from July 25th - August 18th. I can work on music and be somewhat active after that (if I am not too tired from the operation) but I CANNOT work on anything vocally until about August 25th.

To be completely honest - I would rather not be disturbed on my cell phone so only call if you really need to AND if you have one of the above reasons. Not one or the other.

The only thing I am quite eager to know about are the MAC8 results - feel free to call me anytime about that on my cellphone. If I miss your call I will return it.

Well, I believe I said it all. I'll miss you guys and i'll be back before you know it. Keep making music, keep making flash, keep voice acting, keep listening to music, keep watching flash, whatever! Keep doing what you guys do! I love you all =)

Thanks for everything,



2008-07-20 21:39:14 by SuperMusic

This is an old account of mine that i've had for about 3 years now. It's started over from scratch and i've decided to submit synthesized audio on "MusicalSerenity" and recorded audio on this account. So far, i've submitted one song onto MusicalSerenity which is Sounds of the World (DEMO). If you are interested - please check it out and review! I haven't created synthesized pieces in years though so i'm just getting back in to shape (in a sense). Plus, it's a demo. Hope to see you guys on both accounts - stay in touch!

Fade Away

2008-07-18 22:48:24 by SuperMusic

I've composed a new song and I have the instrumentation and lyrics all down. I may get a buddy to do the vocals for me tomorrow (because I composed them so that they are at the peak of my vocal range) because he can sing higher then me.

On another note: (To szafranko) I'll submit the Doritos song tomorrow in the afternoon/morning.

Anyways, the song is called "Fade Away" and I used a riff and medley that I thought up about 2 years ago and never really completed or put into a song.

I'll try to get this song submitted tomorrow- but I can't promise. I'm still working on Memories [v3] as well as a synthesized version of "Memories" and a bunch of other stuff. Here are the lyrics: (tell me what you think?)

Look out the window and hold your breath,
There's someone coming, let go of yourself.
And don't give in, don't give up, don't forget it's not enough
to just believe, you have to try, you cannot live you cannot die.
And know, that i'm right behind you with a candle flame,
Who's light - will never fade away.

I know you're watching, the clock on the wall.
And holding tightly, because time holds all.
You feel the light caving in, you feel the darkness from within,
You know it's real but it's too late.
Let go of yourself and fade away.
And know, that i'm right behind you with a candle flame,
Who's light - will never fade away.


I know it's hard to imagine them without the song behind the words but think of it as a poem until you get to listen to it =) It's a pretty mellowed out piece.


2008-07-15 01:07:29 by SuperMusic

So, i've been part of NG for like - 2-3 days now and i'm already working on about 8 projects O_O!!! I'm not really sure who will be reading this and it won't be a very in depth "news blurb" because it's friggin 2:00 or 3:00 or who knows when in the morning!

Anyways, this is what's going on:

1. At least 5 voice acting jobs in flash films and games.
2. Theme music as well as single episode music tracks for a flash comedy series about doritos.
3. Theme music for something that I haven't started yet and can't even remember.
4. Backround music for a (horror?) flash film.
5. And i'm sure theres some other stuff that I can't remember O_O!!!!

Anyways, for those working with me who read this - i'm working my ass off! I promise! So far i've managed to make all deadlines given to me and I plan to keep it that way but don't get angry if I fuck up a bit! O_O

Besides, if anything goes wrong tell me and I will fix it!

Phew, sorry for all of you who had to read this... i'm tired, (drunk?), and excitedly exhausted all at the same time and I need to get to sleep.


2008-07-12 01:58:31 by SuperMusic

So I guess i'll be submitting both live/recorded and synthetic music on here. I hope you guys find something that you enjoy. I don't really expect much out of this site (the truth hurts) but it's a good place to post my music and get a few decent reviews. If you guys ever want me to check out some of your stuff just tell me and i'll be glad too. Hope to see you in the AF or hear you in the AP. =)